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With the sentence “Like the eyes of a person are his windows to the soul, so can windows lead us to the soul of the city” I would like to capture the concept of life in the city. We have the outside life, the public life, the life we lead in front of other people. On the other side we live a life inside, with our family, or alone: The privat life. Windows are the border of these two worlds. You can look from one side to an other. From the inside you can see the world outside and the other way around. 


A look to the inside can say a lot of things. It shows you a bit of the personality of a person. Though you might not see as much as you would hope for. It gives you a sneak peek into the soul of a home. You will always see a bit of the reflexion of outside in the window.


On the other hand are windows the same as eyes. They are used to look outside, to look at other’s public lives, or even to look at the privat ones, if they can. Eyes can spy and so can a window.