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Where will the people go? 2018 

3 analog pictures printed on aluminium

The papenvestwijk in Brussels exists out of 5 big social buildings. Over the years the mayors of the city, even the socialist ones, totally neglected this part of the city center, just right next to the designer shops and hipster coffee bars. They even compared it to a devils corner. It was the big dominance of the ugly architecture form the 1960’s as much as the people that came and live in it..

The building needed an every 10 to 20 year renovation, which never happened. This makes the living situation very troublesome and unsafe: from broken windows to the big wall tiles that are coming down. 

There are plans to replace the old buildings with new and very expensive appartement that fit more to the image of the neighbourhood this corner is a part of. But what about the people? There are 500 families living in these buildings, people that will never find other social accommodation close to there jobs, schools, social lives, etc. They will be removed and forced to move to the outsides of the city where they will be forgotten en out of side. 


This projects is a proces in capturing the changes of this neighbourhood. How the people slowly will move and go and will be replaced by an,  economically speaking, more interesting group. You could ask yourself what the purpose is of a government then, who is the owner of the buildings, the land and the new plans for the place.