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PROJECT B (the inhuman situations of refugees), 2016-2018

1000 squares of newspaper articles for the projects on the inhuman situations of refugees. I would like to transform these in 1000 birds as a symbolic performance in the hope of a better life for these people.

The inspiraction for this comes from the Japanese tradition to fold 1000 origami bids for good luck, health or peace.

The performance will take place as a conversation table in which people can have a dialogue about this topic and express there displeasure on how other human beings are being treated

Draft 2: 07/12/2019

Puntpunt Brussels

Empathy festival Citizenne

Artikel in demens.nu magazine

Juli - Augustus - September 2019 

Draft 1: 28/11/2018

Kotroute Gent 2018, AmuseeVous