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Identity is so essential to a humans life. It seems to give a purpose to the existence of an individual, a group, a city, a country. It unites us and divides us. It can bring us together or makes us turn our back to each other. Identity is the reason of acting, the key of our human behaviour


What does identity mean for us? What creates our identity? In which things do we find the meaning of identity and what happens to us when we lose it? Every society has it’s own identity. What does that imply? 


If identity is part of society and my art is all about identity, it must be about society aswel. Art can never be disconnected from society, just as a society can not exist without it’s identity. An artist for that matter needs to look very carefully at this society. And has a duty to be critical about it. Try to see the traps, try to change them, change them with art. 


Art has the possibility to make a difference, to change and create. Art about art, is art about nothing. Art about society is a way to the future. An artist can co-create the identity of his or her society by doing his job. 


14 sept. 2017